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BSWi team has two decades of experience in the correctional sector

This ensures a flawless design and implementation of the system, effectively delivering the InPhone advantages while retaining the overall security level of the facility and its routine and emergency operation.                       

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BSW PROGRESSIVE APPROACH toward incarceration EMPHASIZES REHABILITATION, THERAPY, EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT as the cornerstones for decreasing recidivism rates. Our two decades of worldwide experience in the correctional market as lead us to a unique philosophy implemented into our offered solutions balancing between the openness and flexibility required for the social rehabilitation process and the strict measures and tight control typical to max security solutions.

BSW InPhone SYSTEM is no exception from this philosophy, A BALANCED MIXTURE OF OPENNESS AND TIGHT CONTROL was incorporated at the core design features of the system.

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Researches conducted over the last 50 years has consistently found that INMATES WHO MAINTAIN CLOSE CONTACT WITH THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS while incarcerated HAVE BETTER POST-RELEASE OUTCOMES AND LOWER RECIDIVISM RATES.


One of the most common ways used by inmates for communicating with their families is the widely available and cost-efficient telephone devices, however, REGRETFULLY THE SAME REGULAR PRE-PAID PHONE CAN ALSO BE USED BY INMATES TO COMMUNICATING WITH UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS OUTSIDE OF THE FACILITY, weather to manage and run illegal criminal activities outside of prison or to directly threat victims of his crime and representatives of the legal system.

BSW InPhone SYSTEM OFFERS THE EXACT BALANCE BETWEEN OPENNESS AND TIGHT CONTROL, enabling inmates to communicate with their families while maintaining tight control over unauthorized usage of the system for unlawful actions.

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