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The Company

For two decades BSWi has been a trailblazer in the development of correctional facilities, leading a worldwide movement to modernize the antiquated views governing incarceration. While punishment was once the cornerstone of penitentiary, BSWi creates correctional facilities and associated programs that tout a more progressive approach underpinned by rehabilitation, therapy, education, and enrichment. Each solution aims to directly address the antisocial behaviors behind inmate incarceration and thus decrease recidivism rates.

BSWi also understands that many inmates are incarcerated because they are deemed a danger to both society and for themselves. The company’s correctional facility offer includes the most advanced security systems on the market alongside progressive methodologies that ensure inmates remain safely and securely incarcerated.

BSWi offers clients a rich and comprehensive range of products and services, encompassing everything from consultation and guidance to the delivery of a complete turnkey correctional facility solution.

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Advisory Board Member

Mr. Szmulewitz has a Law from 1979. Throughout his career he has filled numerous police and correctional key positions in the Israeli prison service and police. Mr. Szmulewitz was the chief legal advisor to the Israeli prison service for 21 years and is very knowledgeable in correctional law and procedures. Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Haim Szmulewitz brings to the table years of knowledge and familiarity with international penal system.




Head of Correctional Security Dept.

Mr. Kleinfeld brings extensive knowledge and past experience in complex, multi-layer security solutions.

Mr. Kleinfeld has a keen grasp of all available systems and operational procedures associated with corrections and has formulated training for all strata of correctional personnel.




Head of Corrections Division

Ms. Matsliah is a Colonel in the Israeli Correctional service. Director of a high security correctional facility. Chairwoman of structuring and protocol establishment on committee of a new Maximum Security women’s Correctional.

Vice Chairwoman of the Correctional planning committee of Israel. The head of the correction department of the Israeli Correctional service.




Head of Operations

Mr. Romano is the director of strategic projects. Thanks to exceptional organizational skills and a true entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Romano leads BSWi into new business domains and markets, defining the company’s strategic goals and future direction.


Omer Lavon

Lead Project Manager

Omer Lavon is the lead project manager of all InPhone operations, and guides the projects from the initial concept to the successful implementation and running of the InPhone system. By training Omer is an electronic engineer who specializes in communication systems and project management. Throughout the life of the project Omer is the focal point for the client - the prison service - and the technicians, programmers and various service providers who create the InPhone system.

Global Projects


InPhone Standards


InPhone Telephone devices are a dedicated inmate device, robust and reliable constructed of 304 stainless steel with IP65 waterproof protection as well as IK-10 anti-vandal construction.


The devices are wall mounted featuring Zinc alloy keypad and Vandal resistant handset with Internal steel lanyard and grommet provides added security for handset cord.


All of our devices are 12.CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant.


Certification and Standards

Certifications and recommendation letters available upon request.

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